Celebrate this Valentine’s Day in the romantic paradise of Roatan Island

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day in the romantic paradise of Roatan Island

Even though some say Valentine’s Day was originally just a commercial attempt to sell more flowers and chocolates, who cares? Nowadays, February 14th is the perfect excuse to escape to a romantic tropical setting full of soft, white sand, turquoise waters, and palm trees that sway in the wind.

Why spend a Valentine’s Day vacation in Roatan?

Roatan is one of the most beautiful islands in the world; the perfect setting to get engaged or enjoy a few days away with the person you love.

When you’re in love, you want to experience unforgettable intimate moments, and on Roatan, you’ll find them around every corner. A stay at Paradise Beach Hotel includes an abundance of romantic opportunities to reconnect even more deeply with your partner.

How to enjoy Roatan on a Valentine’s Day vacation

Your romantic imagination is the limit! Holding hands on the beach and sharing a scrumptious moonlit dinner and dessert. Celebrating with a good wine or champagne, dancing to live music, and falling asleep in each other’s arms. The next day, play in the pool, exercise together, and then enjoy a relaxing couples massage. These are just a few of the many romantic things you can do on your Valentine’s Day vacation in Roatan.  If it sounds like a dreamy tropical paradise where anything is possible, it is! That’s why we’re called “Paradise Beach Hotel.”

After all that romance, your adrenaline may be in overdrive; a Valentine’s Day vacation on Roatán Island is the perfect time to hide from the world and immerse yourself in adventure. How about snorkeling or diving classes with the one you love? Make a meaningful connection with nature while you make a meaningful connection with each other. On Roatan, you’ll create fascinating memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Who is the ideal Roatan Valentine’s Day visitor?

Spending your next Valentine’s Day at Paradise Beach Hotel is a fantastic option, regardless of how long you’ve been with your partner. We often welcome couples who have been together for many years as well as newlyweds with love stars in their eyes.

No matter how long you’ve been in a loving relationship, you can experience heartfelt unity and intimacy at Paradise Beach Hotel. 

Rooms Paradise Resort

Our personalized service and attention to every detail allow you and your partner to pamper yourselves like never before.

To experience exotic Caribbean food, vibrant nightlife, and the rest and relaxation that you deserve, visit the romantic Paradise Beach Hotel in Roatán, Honduras, this Valentine’s Day. Contact us immediately if you have any questions, and book your vacation today!

Reconnect with yourself in Paradise: Do what fills your spirit with joy!

Reconnect with yourself in Paradise: Do what fills your spirit with joy!

Experts say that the best way to relax and authentically reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones is to disconnect from our phones and computers, social media, jobs, the world’s distressing news, and everyday problems, even for a few days.

At Paradise Beach Hotel, we offer an idyllic setting perfectly suited to achieving this goal.

Why vacation in Roatan?

Our clients often tell us that after vacationing in Roatan, they return to their “normal life” with a new and refreshed way of seeing things: suddenly, music, art, nature, and even a simple cup of coffee in the morning feels “different.”

A dream vacation at our all-inclusive resort in Roatan can do the same for you!

What awaits you at Paradise Beach Hotel, Roatan?

Wake up, still wrapped in soft and cozy white sheets, to the sounds of birds tweeting outside. Open the window, and you’ll breathe the cleanest air you’ve ever inhaled.

Enjoy a quiet breakfast with tropical fruits, fresh juice, tea, and locally harvested coffee. How about some croissants and eggs or cereal?

Gimnasio Paradise Resort

Paradise Beach Hotel has these and many other options to eat balanced and nutritious meals on your vacation.

During the day, you can read your favorite book under a palm tree, get a relaxing massage, enjoy our two swimming pools, or take in fantastic views while exercising in our gym. Looking for something more active? How about some snorkeling or diving lessons, walking along the beautiful white sand beach, or buying a few local souvenirs from Roatan?

International flavor sensations that will awaken your palate

As if our sumptuous breakfast wasn’t enough, we also have delicious lunch and dinner options for “foodies.” Our two restaurants have varied menus full of exquisite dishes and exotic flavors. From fresh seafood and meats, pizza or barbecue, and themed or traditional dinners, our tasty international cuisine is just one of the reasons that people keep coming back every year.

After dinner, you’ll spend unforgettable evenings in the moonlight reconnecting with yourself or the heart of your special “other half.” Enjoy intimate moments that bring you closer than ever while creating romantic memories you’ll share for life.

A stay at Paradise Beach Hotel lets you say goodbye to overwhelming work responsibilities such as meetings, project presentations, deadlines, and routine household chores like laundry or mowing the lawn. Instead, connect with your energy and passion, relearn how to enjoy time with yourself, and appreciate everyday miracles, like your kid’s smiles or your spouse’s hugs.

Contact us today; vacationing in Roatan is an experience you don’t want to miss!


Diving and Snorkeling: Live the adventure and discover Roatan!

Diving and Snorkeling: Live the adventure and discover Roatan!

At Paradise Beach Hotel, we love nature; in fact, our entire operation and services are intricately intertwined with our gorgeous location. Soft white sand, palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze, and the crystal clear water of Roatan are just a few of the reasons why so many visitors fall in love with our “Honduran Oasis of the Caribbean.”

Since most of our clients also appreciate our diverse terrestrial and marine biodiversity, we proudly extend an invitation to you, our future visitor: Come and enjoy the world-class diving and snorkeling opportunities in Roatan!

5 Smart Reasons to Dive or Snorkel in Roatan

  • World Class: If you love to snorkel or dive when you travel, you’ll feel like you’re visiting a new underwater planet in our waters. Viewing Roatan’s marine species is a magical experience, much different from our (also incredible!) terrestrial flora and fauna. Roatan’s coral reefs are part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second-largest reef system in the world. Simply put: diving or snorkeling in Roatan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
  • Health Benefits: Diving and snorkeling are good for your health and combat accumulated stress from months of hard work. In addition to its relaxing and calming effect, being underwater in the open sea increases your circulation and improves your respiratory system.
Buceo y snorkeling: vive la aventura y descubre Roatán

Whether you’re snorkeling or scuba diving, you have to be more attentive to how you breathe, and that’s a good thing because, too often in our daily lives, we forget to relax and “take a deep breath.”

  • Sensory Enhancement. When you’re down, down, down in the deep blue sea, you’re an actor in a constantly changing underwater performance that’s completely different from anything else you’ve ever known. You must always be alert and laser-focused on your buoyancy, swimming, and breathing activity. This acute concentration does wonders for your senses and reflexive reactions.
  • Make new friends. Participating in snorkeling or diving tours and expeditions in Roatan is the perfect way to meet new people or strengthen unity among friends and family. Make great memories while sharing a fun underwater experience!
  • Learn something new. With Paradise Beach Hotel’s support, you’ll discover the best diving destination on the planet. We offer diving trips, private charters, training, classes, diving equipment, and wet suit rentals.

The Dive Center at Paradise Beach Hotel is here to set you up for an exciting day of snorkeling and scuba diving in Roatán. Contact us, start packing your bags, and prepare for a dream vacation full of fun and adventure.

Paradise Beach Hotel: Everything You Need to Enjoy Your Roatán Vacation

Paradise Beach Hotel: Everything You Need to Enjoy Your Roatán Vacation

At Paradise Beach Hotel, it’s our mission to create the best lodging experience on the entire island of Roatán. We take care of every detail, so you can enjoy your stay in total comfort.

Even we, who live and work here, are continually inspired by the natural beauty of the Honduran Caribbean: the transparent sea, dreamy white sand, sunny blue skies, birds singing, and never-ending sea breeze enveloping us every day. Living up to nature’s wonderous works demands nothing less than absolute excellence when it comes to serving our clients.

First-class accommodation for the whole family in Roatán

It is precisely because we’re motivated to provide first-class service to all our guests that we have made many improvements to the hotel over the past year.

For example, we have expanded the buffet options with delicious, freshly prepared food for all tastes and palates. We host delectable moonlight dinners in the tropical garden. Did we mention that we have the best pizza on the island?

We’ve also improved our seashore open bar so you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail with your partner or friends while listening to the gentle waves rolling up on the shore.

As if all this weren’t enough, we’ve remodeled and repainted an incredible spot to take Instagram photos: our famous “I Love Roatán” chair. Don’t leave the island without a digital memory of your vacation!

Paradise Beach Hotel seeks to add value to the local Roatán community while also creating incentives to attract more tourists to the island. If you’re lucky, you’ll be staying with us during one of our sponsored events: the marlin fishing championship, the free diving championship, and the tennis tournament, to name a few.

Enjoy a central location and lots of perks at Paradise Beach Hotel

We’re conveniently located in the heart of West Bay Beach, famous for being part of the Mesoamerican Barrier coral reef system and, as Tripadvisor describes it, “home to white sands, calm waters, beautiful tropical trees, and plants.”

You’ll also find an active nightlife with bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Paradise Beach Hotel offers various accommodation alternatives, from villas with private access to the beach, to rooms and suites of different sizes that accommodate intimate couples, friends or work colleagues, and families with children.

Benefits of staying at Paradise Beach Hotel:

  • Breakfast included
  • Free parking
  • Free high-speed WiFi access
  • Two swimming pools (tropical garden and 5th-floor terrace)
  • Fully equipped gym with inspiring views
  • Children’s park
  • Diving center

Photo by Guillermo Rubio

Contact us now to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime in Roatán, Honduras. You’ll have an incomparable experience to share with your loved ones, whether friends or family. Don’t just read about it, book it today!

Party Time in Roatán: A Happy New Year’s Eve Hotel Vacation!

Party Time in Roatán: A Happy New Year’s Eve Hotel Vacation!

Can you imagine experiencing a magical, sophisticated evening with all the aristocratic mysticism of the Carnival of Venice but on the most exotic island in the Honduran Caribbean? You’ll find all this and more at the New Year’s Eve bash at Roatán’s Paradise Beach Hotel.

This December 31, beginning at 7:00 p.m., the legendary, vibrant-colored masks will take over Roatán in a glorious celebration. Get ready for entertaining music spectaculars, live dancing, an open bar, and a delicious dinner on the beach for visitors who wish to taste our authentic Caribbean and international fare.

If you’re still wondering where to spend the last night of 2022 and celebrate the beginning of 2023, look no further. Roatán and its “Venetian Circus” is your best option; it’s a unique experience designed to create unforgettable moments and lots of fun!

Why a Venetian-style party?

Paradise Beach Hotel’s New Year’s Eve party was inspired by the “Carnival of Venice” tradition that began in the year 1296. Over the centuries, this festival, with its decorative masks and dazzling costumes, has become infamous around the world. In fact, the use of masks originated to protect the wearers’ identity, giving them more freedom to party and act in daring ways without fear of embarrassment or repercussion.

This gala New Year’s event is the perfect excuse to wear all your favorite shiny, metallic silver and gold-toned clothing on the beach; a rebellious and daring contrast you won’t find anywhere else.

A fantastic complement to your Roatán vacation experience!

Fiesta de fin de año en Roatán: Un hotel para disfrutar tus vacaciones

If you’re a guest at Paradise Beach Hotel, you’re invited to complement your vacation experience in Roatán with this fun and festive party.

And during the day, you can swim in either our tropical garden or terrace swimming pool, and eat in one of our two restaurants. Enjoy buffet breakfasts, themed and traditional dinners, fresh seafood, delicious pizzas, Caribbean food with local ingredients, and BBQ on Sundays.

Looking for more to do? How about exploring the sea and learning to scuba dive or snorkel at our Dive Center or burning some calories at a workout session in our fully-equipped gym? Or perhaps you prefer something more relaxing; nothing beats a professional massage in your room or reading your favorite book under a palm tree while sipping a delicious piña colada.

On the night of the long-awaited December 31st, you can be part of the best New Year’s Eve party of your life. Buy your tickets in advance for $100 for adults and $65 for children (+ISV), with a final cost of $130 for adults and $85 for children (+ISV).

Contact us immediately for more information or to make your reservations now. An incredible Venetian Carnival party in Roatán awaits you this New Year’s Eve!

Digital Nomad? Check Out West Bay’s Fantastic Extended Stay Options

Digital Nomad? Check Out West Bay’s Fantastic Extended Stay Options

The number of global digital nomads grew significantly during the Covid-19 public health crisis and continues going strong. Professionals of all ages work in sandals and shorts while sipping on a mojito and enjoying the sea breeze.

In the United States alone, the number of people who consider themselves digital nomads is over 10.2 million. Of those, 20% became digital nomads due to lifestyle changes specifically brought on by the pandemic. And according to Passport Photo statistics, an estimated 24 million Americans will become digital nomads in the next 2-3 years.

The Best Hotel for Digital Nomads in Roatan

Estancias largas para nómadas digitales

Digital nomads tend to be entrepreneurs, often working at stable jobs with one specific company or freelancing for several companies. 44% are millennials: highly productive people of working age enjoying a lesser burden of family responsibility compared to their older counterparts.

Additionally, 71% of digital nomads are full-time workers holding professional positions that require specialized training, education, and/or “real-life” experience. Most have at least a bachelor’s degree, and many have completed a master’s degree. Many of these professionals work in information technology, creative services, education, consulting and coaching, marketing, sales, and finance issues. In West Bay, Honduras, we have excellent lodging options with everything a digital nomad needs to work professionally anywhere in the world. What’s more inspiring than taking a break from work on a white sandy beach with the relaxing sound of the waves breaking on the shore?

Paradise Beach Hotel guarantees excellent Internet access, a dependable infrastructure, and the 

opportunity to experience the exotic and natural life on a Caribbean island paradise.

Extended-Stay Services for Digital Nomads – Live the dream!

At Paradise Beach Hotel, we fully understand the needs and requirements of digital nomads, whether they’re traveling alone or with their families. We offer various room configurations for singles, couples, work colleagues, and families with children, including suites and villas.

Our services include:

  • Comfortable rooms with flat-screen TVs, air-conditioning and fans, refrigerators, private bathrooms with showers, towels, and safes for your valuables.
  • Free high-speed WiFi connection
  • Two restaurants with international cuisine for all tastes and diets
  • Fully equipped gym with beautiful views
  • Professional and relaxing massages
  • Tropical garden swimming pool, surrounded by nature.
  • Terrace swimming pool on the fifth floor
  • Surf lessons
  • Breakfast included
  • Evening musical entertainment

If you’re a digital nomad seeking rest and relaxation while quietly working, come and enjoy the iconic beauty of the Honduran Caribbean. Be sure to get in touch with us immediately; your dream extended-stay getaway awaits you on Roatán Island!

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